Apocalypse Training uses fully qualified professional trainers, equipment and knowledge to give you fun and informative lessons in survival.

During the half day course you will be trained in a variety of combat and survival techniques. Weapons training including Modern and Improvised Weapons, Urban and Rural Survival, Self Defence and Practical Apocalypse Specific First Aid.

After your initial briefing and first task you will be divided into groups of up to 8 people, taking part in very different activities. At the end of the experience the groups will be pitted against each other to claim the title of ‘Most likely to survive the Apocalypse’ Prizes and awards will also be given out!



The weapons training section will give you experience in weapons you may not have used before. We cover modern weapons, starting with Blank Firing Training Pistols used by the police and armed forces; these are safe to use as they are blank firing, but are very loud and very impressive. After a few shots with these we will move to the firing ranges. Here you will use weapons suited for the Apocalypse as they are reusable and ammo is easy to find. You will use high powered Professional Slingshots; now these aren’t your regular boy scout twigs and rubber! They are high powered hunting slingshots. You’ll be firing paint-balls at our targets to test and improve your accuracy. Next you will use Professional Re-curve Crossbows, with the power to penetrate a car door these bad boys are not toys!



Are you prepared for the Apocalypse? We will show you a Grab Bag; a pre prepared bag ready to leave when you are, containing essential supplies to help your survival. You will discuss different apocalyptic scenarios, and be put to work scavenging for supplies. You will then be shown how to use these supplies in interesting and creative ways, such as starting cooking fires and creating tools.

You will then go on to build a quick shelter out of a variety of different items. How you build the shelter is up to your group. We will be on hand to show you a few techniques and test your new shelters!



The Apocalypse is a dangerous place, you need to know how to defend yourself. We have a fully qualified martial arts instructor, who will teach you some quick techniques to get out of unarmed situations. No one fights fair in the end of the world, so you’ll need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to give you the upper hand, should you need it.



Injuries will be common in Apocalyptic surroundings. With no doctors or hospitals to help, it falls on you to tend to both minor and major wounds. We will show you some basic techniques, and some first aid tips you wouldn’t think of! This will not be your standard first aid lesson! Including injuries such as gunshot wounds, amputation, and bite wounds. We will also cover improvised bandages and scavenged stitching materials.

These are just a few of the points we will cover. The day will have plenty of tips and tricks that will see you going home a few steps closer to being Apocalypse ready!