Are you ready for the Apocalypse? Do you have plans for the zombie apocalypse, nuclear attack, or a global catastrophe? How would you survive? Do you have an escape plan, supplies, weapons? Apocalypse training aims to give you the skills and knowledge you will need after the collapse of our modern society.




During the half day course you will be trained in a variety of combat and survival techniques. Weapons training, including Modern and Improvised Weapons, Urban and Rural Survival, Self Defense and Practical Apocalypse Specific First Aid.

After an initial briefing and first task, you will be divided into groups of up to 8 people, taking part in 4 very different activities. At the end of the experience the groups will be pitted against each other to claim the title of ‘Most likely to survive the Apocalypse’. Prizes and awards will also be given out!

We are the only UK based Apocalypse Training event. We use professional trainers, equipment and knowledge to give you fun, informative and hands on lessons in survival.

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